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Does God Listen to Pop Music and Watch Movies?
¡°Creativity¡± is a wonderful word. It has the same root as the word ¡°creator¡±, who is the source of all human creativity.
God Likes It! Creativity in Ministry
It happened in the heart of busy Causeway Bay, a popular shopping district in Hong Kong. About 20 one-eyed creatures gathered on a street teaming with shoppers and pedestrians.

China Tidbits
Government Subsidies For Impoverished Vocational Students
The Government is considering increasing subsidies for impoverished students in vocational schools. ...
Mobile Phone Becoming The Main Device For Internet Access
The number of mobile phone Internet users in China, reached 356 million...

Mail Bag
Sharing Programs with Non-believers
Dear Host:
Greetings! I am Sister xx from Malaysia. I listened to this program for the first time today.

Gospel Programs Nourishing Souls
Dear brothers and sisters:
Greertings! Peace be with you! I was thrilled to have received your letters

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Use Your Talents for God
TWR Chinese Internet Ministry team's mission is to use the internet and related technology to minister to and reach out to youth in urban China.

M28 Series: Applying Creativity to Ministry ¨C A Discussion

The presenter uses current affairs and issues pertaining to the youth to introduce the Gospel. The program content includes biblical discussion, learning English, listen to story and music.
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